Wow! Our STEM students are off and running, and it’s hard to believe how fast the school year is moving.  The start of the 2019-2020 school year has been a particularly exciting time with respect to academics and staffing for the STEM Department.  For starters, we added several new STEM elective course offerings in the areas of genetics, computer coding, and applications design.  These new courses seamlessly blend with our existing overall curricular program. The goal within all of our STEM courses is to provide students with opportunities to develop critical thinking skills that engage & capture student interest and spark curiosity. This year we are incorporating content using emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality.  We also continue to integrate hands-on projects that encourage students to demonstrate real-world application of the content material that they are learning within 日eir courses.


根据干的专家,据估计,到2022年将有茎行业900万个就业机会,因此,我们的努力和专注不与7-12只骗 年级的学生。作为我们全校的承诺,干的一部分,我们将继续合作全校与K-12 教师为了所有科目中,并在所有年级的整合干的技能。我们致力于这项工作,以揭露我们的学生不断发展的学科干。这是我们的愿望,激发我们所有的学生看到自己在干的应用和创新发展的积极促进。一个只能想象什么样的机会摆在面前的类2030及以后的成员。这就是为什么我们致力于开发和CCS改善我们的STEM教育倡议。干教育的目的是创造终身学习者谁来充分发挥其潜力,在他们不知道的字段,也许没有考虑,但现在都愿意接受。 CCS的茎程序继续帮助学生做,他们只有一次梦想要做的事情。